Incorporating a Sand Ceremony into Your Wedding Ceremony

Aloha all!  Within a wedding ceremony, there are many mini-ceremonies within the actual ceremony.  When customizing your ceremony, you can start to think about what elements or mini-ceremonies make the most sense for you as a couple, as well as possibly incorporating a sense of place or culture for you and your guests.  While in Hawaii, many couples like to do something that will be symbolic of the area, and not something that they would do everywhere like a lei exchange or a sand ceremony. 

A sand ceremony can be a great option for Hawaii, and obvious reasons if you are having a beach wedding!  The sand ceremony has a similar background to a unity candle where the couple would come together and light one candle.  The benefit to a sand ceremony is that the sand ceremony is a durable option outside in the wind, and it can also be used as a keepsake in your home, for years to come!  In the case of a sand ceremony, each person would have their own vessel of sand, and pour it into one larger vessel of sand.   As far as actual sand and vessel options go, you can find these online at Etsy, Amazon, or craft store types of places.  Colored sand is often used so the final product is colorful and can be displayed in the home.  Alternatively, actual sand is used from places the couple has traveled as a momento of their travels.  Please keep in mind that it is illegal to take sand out of the State of Hawaii.

Have you thought about a sand ceremony in your ceremony?  Need any ideas for your ceremony?  Let us know if we may be of help!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2020 - 07:00