Adding Children in Your Wedding or Vow Ceremony

Kelehua Kawai, Wedding Officiant with Marry You in Hawaii spoke to those that may have children together, or if they have a blended family, their children will be there to witness this beautiful event.  This is an opportunity to include them.  About midway through, you would turn to your keiki (children) and looking into their eyes and repeat after her, much like your own vows. These are very special words, as you would repeat to one another. 

It is incredible how touching an element this is and is always a joy and a priveledge to do so.  It is amazing, but not surprising how it is to share these words.  “We commit to loving you for the rest of our lives.”  Children will never say it, but need to hear it.

She believes that this will be something that they will look back on years later as a special moment.  Couples, if you are planning your ceremony, you are encouraged to include a childrenʻs ceremony to your ceremony and it will really feel like “we did this as a family.”

PC: Derrek Miyahara, Island Digital Imaging

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020 - 08:00